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Island Trust has been offering exceptional residential and commercial Mortgage services to British Columbians over the years. We have helped thousands receive the best financing solutions through lenders. Our team of qualified, skilled, and accredited lien brokers and professionals has done an excellent work.

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Our priority is to provide our clients with truly unbiased advice, and we thrive on offering one-on-one personal service. We often assist people in ways that are quite surprising to them. You can count on our involvement and commitment in the voluntary mortgage process from the very start to the end.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an investor that is seeking to add a rental property to your investments, every real estate transaction is distinct from others. That’s why we’re here. Our Victoria Mortgage Brokers can maximize your lien potential, increase your savings, and ensure that the entire process is seamless and straightforward.

We believe that the best way to advertise Courtenay Mortgage Brokers is to offer excellent customer service. In fact, the majority of our business has come from referrals by our clients we’ve been proud to help in the past. That’s why we have a big name today.

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Why Choose Us

  • We delight in happy customers. We depend on referrals for most of our business. That’s why we are committed to guaranteeing 100 percent customer satisfaction
  • We can simplify your loan options and expound the interest rate market in simple terms
  • We offer the best interest rates on the market
  • We offer pensive, intuitive, and honest advice
  • We offer after-hours and in-home
    appointments. This makes it easy to plan your day and not to miss work or any other important engagement

Our Services

We offer a wide range of professional mortgage services in Nanaimo and the surrounding areas to our clients. With the many years, we’ve been in this industry, we are much aware of what your needs might be. We provide customized solutions to every individual client. From buying a new home to refinancing an existing loan, we have the answer. Here’s what we offer.

Home purchase mortgage: So many products have flooded the market today. That’s why you need professional assistance to make the right decision about the important things you should know when buying a house.

Rental property purchase: We have helped an innumerable number of clients to secure financing for worthwhile revenue properties. Our experienced lien brokers can assist you to get an approval easily.

Mortgage refinance: Refinancing is fast becoming a very popular financial remedy. If multiple debts or large monthly installments are the order of the day for you, contact us to resolve your issue once and for all.

Mortgage renewal: Consult a professional before signing your bank’s or lender’s renewal offer. We can do the homework for you and provide a better solution.

Commercial financing: Whether you want to buy an apartment, building, or hotel, our extensive network of commercial lenders is a guarantee for getting approval on mortgages of all sizes.

HELOCs: A home equity line of credit can offer solutions for different kinds of needs. Its advantage is that it maintains a base rate premium for the entire mortgage’s duration. Also, the rates of HELOCs are lower than those of unsecured LOC.

Mortgage Brokers You Can Count On

The majority of our mortgage brokers and professionals are homeowners in Victoria. They have dealt with several distinct financing scenarios such as refinancing, purchase + improvements, HELOCs, and construction loans. Unfortunately, some of these solutions have attracted weighty penalties. We can identify with you because we’ve been there.

We’ve used voluntary lien brokers and negotiated with some of the biggest banks by ourselves. It is this vast and extensive experience from a consumer’s perspective of this industry that drives our business’ focus. We’ve always desired to be impartial in our dealings with the clients that come to us.

We know there are some great people in the lien broker industry. However, we are also aware of another side of it that no one with a good heart would want to associate with. We always strive to offer thoughtful, insightful, and absolutely honest advice to our most valued clients who are looking for unbiased lien counsel.

All our brokers are qualified, licensed, and accredited to offer financing solutions to those seeking to own homes or rental property. We conduct ourselves in a very professional manner in handling our clients. Whether you need to purchase a new property, refinance, or require commercial financing, contact an Island Trust mortgage broker today.

Island Trust Is Here For All Of Your Mortgage Needs

Mortgage decisions are never easy for people who do not understand the available options on the market. With an expert, your choices can be sure and fruitful. At Island Trust, we endeavor to get you the most suitable mortgage package at the best rates possible. Contact us for a seamless process.